Innovative Wing


At Innovative Wing we have the ability to produce cutting-edge technologies. Our experts have an ability to deliver what you imagine. We are the best choice in the Middle East for inspirational web development!

Step OneResearch Work

With your approval for us to build your project, an Innovative Wing team is assigned to your project. Theyanalyze yourproject thatinclude Programming Language Selection, Server Selection, Core Features, User and Administration End, Error Handling and such critical issues.

Research Work
Research Work

Step TwoDrafts & Mockups

After our thoroughproject analysis is complete the Designer’s role comes into play. Our Designers will visually mockupthe client’s desired design. Design refinements will be made to meet Innovative Wing’s and the client’s satisfaction.

Step Threecoding process

Our experienced developers look forward to any new coding development objectives. You can monitor our progress through our testing server where you can ensure that everything is up to your project aspirations. We welcome your feedback and input at every stage of development.

Presentation Approval
Coding Process

Step FourTESTINGPhase

We do our absolute bestto make sure that the website is free of any bugs. Your assist on every phase of testing and troubleshooting only makes your final product even stronger.

Step FiveCLIENT Approval

Throughout the project lifecycle, the project will require your reviews, feedback and milestone approvals before moving forward to the next stage. Your dedicated involvement will generate a speedy and quality product. We believe that your satisfaction is our success!

Testing Phase
Product Launch

Step SixProduct Launch

We appreciate your co-operation at every level of development. Lastly, after your final approval is given, your new website or online product is ready to advance your online presence.